5 Games Like UNO You Can Play

5 Games Like UNO You Can Play

If you’re looking for Uno games and want to know more about similar games, continue reading. To score points, players race to empty their hands and catch other players who have cards in their hands. Players attempt to match the color, number, or word of a card to the top card on the discard pile. Players who are unable or unwilling to play draw a card from their draw pile. If they’re still unable, they can pass their turn. Special cards and wild cards add a little spice to the game.

We looked at Uno in order to determine its place on this list. Uno is a beloved and classic family card game. It is a race to see who can clear all hurdles in order to empty their hands first. It’s simple and deep with enough twists to keep the game interesting. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for something like it. Calculate the probability using the probability calculator and find the probability calculator here.

This is a list of 5 board games similar to Uno.

Board Games

5. Skip-Bo

Skip-Bo is included in the Uno game list because it’s a classic card game that emphasizes light but strategic hand management. This game is more fun in a small group than Uno’s collective throwing down back and forth. The gameplay is also different but it is great for the vibe and audience friendliness.

Each player gets 30 cards in a stockpile. The winner is the player who manages to empty their stockpile fastest. In numerical order from 1-to 12, cards are placed on four shared building piles. Each turn, players draw cards until they have five cards. Then, they play cards onto four shared building piles in numerical sequence from 1 to 12. 

4. Angry Moms

Because it uses the same gameplay, Angry Moms is included in the Uno board game list. You have different cards that you need to play and burn from your hand. The game has a theme. This game has themes and events, rather than just numbers. They also add a dexterity twist to keep you on your toes.

Place the slippers on each player’s feet and deal seven cards. Place the deck face-down on the table to make the draw pile. You can each place a matching set of chore cards on the discard pile. You can match any chore or any color. You can match any color with special action cards. You can play until there is only one player left or the first person to have no cards in their hand wins. Games last approximately 20 minutes for 2-6 players.

3. Monopoly Deal

Monopoly deal is one of the most popular games similar to Uno. It’s a fast-paced and addictive card game that can alter your luck by changing the way you play a card. While you’re working towards a goal of setting collection rather than shedding cards you’re still competing against other players and racing to the finish.

You can collect 3 complete property sets. However, be aware of debt collectors, forced deals, and the dreaded deal breakers. These could all change your fortunes. You must be the first to collect three complete property sets of all different colors. Draw cards and then play up three cards face-up from your hand. These cards can be money, properties, improvements, or actions. 

2. L.L.A.M.A.

L.L.A.M.A. L.L.A.M.A. is included in the Uno game list because it’s a card game that requires you to discard your cards as fast as possible, but there are limitations on what you can do. Both games involve a race to finish, but this time there is a fun and colorful thematic addition of llamas.

Each player begins a round with six cards in their hand. The deck is composed of llama cards and numbered 1 through 6. The active player has the option to play a card or draw a card. You must play the same card as the top card on the discard pile, or one higher, to play a card. You can play either a 6 or a llama if you have a 6 on your discard pile. 

If you have a llama on top, you may play another llama. You can quit by placing your cards face-down and taking no further actions. The winner is the person who has all of their cards removed. Games last 20 minutes for 2-6 players.

1. Crazy 8s

Because Crazy 8s is the best game like Uno, we have to honor the original, which was released in the 1930s rather than the 1971 version of Uno. This is Uno’s equivalent to playing with a 52-card deck. Although you don’t need to purchase anything in order to play, people have made more customized sets that you can buy and use.


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