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5 Types of Videos to Upload on YouTube for More Likes

The question of many people remains: what kind of video should be put on YouTube for more likes. YouTube is a platform that is used by most people in the world to watch videos. After Google, most queries are on YouTube itself. Do you know that more than 122 million people consume content on YouTube daily because all kinds of content are available here?

But you need to know what kind of videos the audience likes to watch. Followersindia can help you to boost your YouTube likes but today we will only talk about organic ways. So we are going to tell you what kind of videos you can make.

  • Tutorial Videos

Friends, most people query on YouTube because they know that there is a solution for almost everything on YouTube. If you know anything, then you can also make tutorial videos. You just have to find out what people are searching for more to learn.

Maybe you know technical things or you have some art. You just have to make videos of tutorials related to it. But it would be better if you also used texts and subtitles in your videos so that people speaking other languages could also watch and write about your videos. 

You can upload this kind of video on YouTube to get more likes. 

  • Prank Videos

You also know that prank videos are seen all over the world. People from every country make prank videos. Prank videos have the highest chance of getting likes and views, so if you want to put videos on YouTube for more likes, then you can make prank videos.

But to make prank videos, it is necessary to be fearless and try not to copy other creators. Because the more original your content is, the more likes you will get on your videos and the more people will also know you.

And keep text and images relevant to the topic in your video thumbnails. Also, write the title in such a way that anyone can see it.

  • Educational and Informative videos

Friends, nowadays everything has become online, like education, which has also gone online. Many students read online or give such information to people that they find useful.

If you also have good knowledge of something or your level of education is very good, then you can also give that knowledge to people by making your videos and uploading them on YouTube for more likes.

  • Talent-Based videos

In today’s era, whoever has talent can take his talent to any corner of the world. There are many talented people on YouTube who upload videos, and many people have become famous too.

Those people get more likes and views on their videos because of what they do, they entertain people and they are artists. So you have to edit your videos properly and spread them everywhere on your friends and social media. Only then will more likes come on your videos.

  • Vlogging Videos

People are posting vlogging videos on YouTube for more likes. Vlog videos are also included in the most viewed videos nowadays.

There is also a lot of vlogging in this, like food vlogs, travel vlogs, home vlogs, etc. So, if you’re constantly traveling from one city to the next, you can post vlogging videos, or if you love food, you can post food vlogs.

It costs money to make these videos, but these videos also go viral very quickly.


If you make videos in any one of the above categories and put them on YouTube, then your YouTube likes will surely grow. But if you want to get likes on YouTube quickly, you can also buy YouTube Likes in India. You just have to spend some money and the likes on your videos will increase in less time.

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