Motion Design Video, a Good Way to Communicate Remotely

Today, for many companies, the challenge is to find a way to increase its visibility through the various existing communication Motion design tools.

Indeed, the constant evolution of the market and the environmental impact push companies to adapt their internal and external communication tools.

Teleworking, budgetary restriction of training or even logistical problems can be obstacles to the dissemination of information.

Motion design video is the reference tool for direct and quality communication.

What is motion design?

You’ve no doubt heard of this practice of bringing images to life. It allows you to convey a message in a fun and dynamic way, and this, from a distance.

This cutting-edge technique is ubiquitous in offline and online communication. It is found in particular in television commercials, music videos, film credits, etc. It is also present on the web in the form of banners, promotional videos, or tutorials…

This work combines design and production of content around video, 2D graphics, sound, and typography. Motion design videos can also animate characters, often in “flat design”, as can be seen in this example with the Groupe SEB animated illustration video.

What are the advantages of motion design?

It is certain that the means of distance communication are not lacking. But do they all allow information to be disseminated dynamically and clearly to a previously defined audience?

Whether it is to address its employees or communicate directly with its customers, the motion design video format has many advantages.

An advantageous video format for businesses

For companies, this medium makes it possible to reach as many people as possible while avoiding expenses resulting from heavy logistical organizations such as travel costs or the rental of infrastructure, etc.

Making a video is the certainty of sending a personalized message to your company’s charter at a lower cost.

It is also an invaluable time saver for everyone thanks to the outsourcing of production by the video companies near me.

Beyond the financial side, offering motion design videos also gives your company a more modern image. This is an opportunity to show that you too are riding the wave of innovative communication.

Finally, a last strong argument: this type of project is easily achievable remotely and does not require filming.

An advantageous video format for viewers

For the public, watching videos in motion design is the guarantee of understanding the message in its entirety. Everyone can view the content at any time and review it as needed.

Another strength of the motion design format is the ability to convey information dynamically. It is an educational tool that makes certain subjects covered desing more accessible. Ideal for communicating on figures, balance sheets or studies, while moving away from a classic PowerPoint format.

He holds the viewer’s attention with animated images desing that are much more playful than monotonous texts.

Indeed, the alliance between the animation and the voice-over arouses the viewer’s interest and allows a better assimilation of the message.

Discover concrete cases of companies that use motion design in their communication strategies

The CCIR wanted to democratize the use of the apprenticeship contract in companies. This video dynamically presents the process of recruiting an apprentice. The use of animated illustrations and voice-overs allows a better understanding of the message. It arouses the interest of business leaders on the subject.

The launch of the SEAMLESS application required the implementation of tutorials explaining its functionalities. The 2D and 3D illustrations, the animated titles and the music used allow users to better understand the application. The descriptions are fun and clear.

Schneider Electric wanted to explain how their new solution works internally. The graphic animation presents in a simple and detailed way the technical manipulations to be carried out. This format maintains employee interest more effectively than a traditional instructional format.

The objectives of the Rainett brand were to communicate desing on its ecological values ​​and to make consumers aware of respect for the environment. The production of a promotional film in motion design makes it possible to address environmental issues in a fun way, while immersing the viewer in the world of the company.

Finally, as you will have understood, motion design adapts to all communication needs. The video format delivers a captivating message to your audience and allows you to achieve the objectives set.

The production company near me, an expert in the field concerned, advises and supports you in all your audiovisual projects.

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