The Funniest Games to Play When Bored

The Funniest Games to Play When Bored? People often feel that they are bored from gaming and that they want a break. While that may be true sometimes, we don’t believe it’s that!


The problem lies in playing the same type of games. They make you choose the same objectives and run down the same avenue. In short, nothing remains fun if you have to do it repeatedly, regardless of how fun it might be.


What is the solution? It’s simple. Just play some fun games! Fun games will fill the void, provide goon entertainment, and cheer you up!


We hope you are ready to laugh because here we go!


1.   Jazzpunk


Most game designers add fun and humor as an additional attempt to keep the player invested in the game. However, far more than often, these attempts go wasted, and the attempts do not enthrall the gamers.


Jazzpunk gets the first position because this game is designed to be a piece of humor! However, the designer of this game has realized that well and made a game intended to be fun totally! Without spilling any beans, we will try to review it.


From the very start, you will find this game fun as you enter a cartoon cyberpunk world and you control a character that steps out of a person-shaped suitcase. The puns are intended, fast, and sophisticated, making this game a must-try!


2.   Stumble Guys


If you like playing those battle royale games, then you will love the fun new take on battle royale that this game brings! Stumble guys comes with a funny concept that is interesting enough to keep a player to keep them hooked to the game for long hours!


This game is an appropriate choice for everyone, regardless of age. So, if you want your kids to have a fun game to play or you are trying to make up for a kid, letting them play this game for your fun will surely do the trick!


Stumble guys pits you against 32 other players in real-time. Once you start running, you must not be follied by the other players. In this game, you will race against them for the first position. Regardless of the position, you will get a prize!


In conclusion, if you are looking for a game that can offer you unexpected amusement, some hilarious characters, and a lot of fun, you are looking right at it!


3.   Giant Hamster Run


Normally, we don’t talk about a game designer. However, if someone does a good job, it occurs to you to commend them! But don’t take our word for it. If this game doesn’t impress you enough, you can see their Medium profile from here “Unlimited Gamez Mo – Medium Profile.”


So, back to the topic. Normally, people see hamsters as cute little rodents that keep running in the circle, eating, and doing rodent things. Imagine a science experiment going wrong, and a small hamster has transformed into a giant hamster! So, back to the topic.


Play from the hamster’s perspective as you course through a cartoon city in the game. The objective of the game is simple. You must run in the city streets and collect coins scattered on the roads. You will also have to steer clear of the objects that occur your way, including the new small cars and boards.


If you are looking for a game that can help you kill time and that you will enjoy keeping the boredom away, this game is a great choice!


4.   West of Loathing


According to HelpGuide, having cheery and laughing can improve your mood and carry physical and emotional benefits!


And this game is sparkling proof that gaming is a great way to elevate your mood and get a good laugh! This game takes the player through a black-and-white adventure of the wild west inhabited by sight gags and stick figurines.


This game does so well in terms of comedy with the great chemistry of the script and the mechanics that combine to offer the player a delightful sense of wordplay. The game is set in a Ghost town, and the entire setting makes it look more credible and believable!


5.   Spy vs. Spy


At first glance, the title of this game looks like a serious game and comes off as intense. However, that is far from reality!


This hilarious game is a dual-player espionage challenge that adheres to the classic humor, and the Mad magazine cartoon strip looks. The game also draws its inspiration from the same magazine.


The game offers many death animations that give even something as dark as death a funny look. You will find various good laughs as you set traps for your opponent. However, you will accidentally end up tripping on the trips by yourself.


6.   PaRappa the Rappa:


As hilarious as the game sounds, it is exactly like it. Let us give you the concept of the game: This game is a wholesome tale of a paper-thin canine rapper.


The playable character, a rapper, learns life’s meaning when he meets a karate-chopping onion. As the plot sounds hilarious, you will find the game even funnier as it progresses.


PaRappa the Rappa is one of the games, a person never gets bored of playing because it has a flair of laughter attached to it that draws the players towards it.


7.   Undertale


We have seen various comedy games on this list up till now. However, this game sets a different benchmark from the others and combines comedy with adventure!


Undertale comes off as a refreshingly original and light-hearted adventure for the people that love a good adventure and ending war between humans and deviants! In this game, the playable character and other characters such as the skeleton Sans and the scientist Alphys. These characters give their all to ensure an end to a long-going war between humans and monsters.


And their choice of weapon was: A nice hug! In conclusion, not only will you find this game extremely funny, but you will also find it to be wholesome, which is enough to ensure that youll be in a good mood after playing it.


8.   WarioWare

If you want a good laugh, what better way than to choose a game full of microgame collections with each to offer a classic dose of fun?


WarioWare comes off as a wild series of minigames that trade in surprise and sometimes even feel bizarre, but in a funny way. The minigames can include running away from a dinosaur, carrying a broom without dropping it from your palm, or picking a giant nose.


These funny minigames have a unique way of making the person laugh and happy; all these minigames serve as various cartoon scenarios that leave the user to figure out the game’s objective frantically!


9.   The Wiki Game


This game is living proof that there is a way to turn to gain knowledge into a fun process! As the name suggests, the Wiki Game works with the help of Wikipedia, the treasure trove for just about any information on the internet.


The Wiki Game utilizes the free encyclopedia to operate. It challenges the player uniquely. For example, it will take you from one Wikipedia page to another through the internal links present on the page. However, to keep things challenging, the game will time you based on the difficulty level of the game.


If you want to be a record-setter, we suggest you beat the other geniuses by a mark!


10.               Line Rider


Line Rider is a significantly famous game, so we wouldn’t be surprised if you told us that you’ve heard about this one. The reputation of this web game also made the developers of Nintendo DS and Wii titles add Line Rider for their devices!


Nevertheless, you don’t need those console boxes to play this game. Having an internet connection and an internet browser will suffice. In this game, the player has to use their cursor to create lines. However, you will have to create the lines in mind that once you are done creating them, a little figure will ride along on them.


Line Rider serves as a great mirror for showcasing someone’s creativity, and the beauty of this game lies in the fact that it has no bounds when creating a path using lines. Line Rider insists the players get as creative as possible and try various things with lines, such as drawing a loop, ramp, and some crazy jumps!

Final Words



There are various ways in this world to have fun. However, the best option for you might vary depending on your preferences.


Regardless, everyone loves a good, fun game that can leave them in a good mood and give them some good laughs. Here go all the funniest games you can consider playing when you are bored.


These games have been chosen after a thorough review and research, which means that we guarantee you some good laughs!


Although, if you know a game that will make a good addition to the list, do let us know through the comments section!

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