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Things To Do in Shanghai, China

Things To Do in Shanghai, China

Because it’s among the most crowded and largest cities in china. Planning an excursion to Shanghai may be daunting. However, stick to this guideline and you’ll be able to enjoy the best things.

Capital City of China

While it’s not China’s capital city, Shanghai certainly feels like it, attracting millions of visitors each year. There, extravagant buildings and massive shopping malls mix with traditional gardens and temples. Looking for some good chinese names then try this chinese name generator to get the name ideas.

  • The Bundle Bund

There’s a reason why people flock to Shanghai’s long Bund, a waterside area that is located in the heart of Shanghai. In the morning it is possible to take walks through the Huangpu River, taking in the amazing, varied architectural styles. 

You can also traverse the river via The Bund Sightseeing Tunnel (which has a high cheese scale but is nevertheless a blast). At night, you can come equipped with a camera to take a picture of the magnificent, sparkling skyline. Some of the highlights are The Oriental Pearl Tower and Shanghai World Financial Centre.

  • Stroll through Shikumen, the Former French Concession Shikumen

Although it’s technically situated in the middle of Shanghai, however, the French Concession appears like it’s hundreds of miles away. It was established in 1849. this area has a more laidback atmosphere than more modern areas of the city. It’s the perfect spot for some time after work. Explore these cobblestone roads, sip an espresso in one of the numerous cafés and delis, or shop at the trendy boutiques.

  • Yuyuan Gardens

A short distance from the busy Bund is a little bit of peace in the middle of Shanghai: Yuyuan Gardens. The gardens date back more than 400 years back to the Ming Dynasty, the gardens are a mix of sculpture gardens traditional pagodas, as well as classic architectural styles. The entrance fee is 40 yuan (PS4.50) and getting on line 10 and getting to subway station Yuyuan Garden station is the most convenient way to get there.

  • Jinmao Tower

Skyscrapers are not uncommon in Shanghai however, Jinmao Tower (a five-minute walk from Lujiazui station) ought to be on every adventurer’s list. It not only offers stunning views of the city as well, it’s also equipped with a glass walkway that is handrail-free. If you’re looking for a thrill take a leap of faith and walk across the glass walkway and gaze at the city below if you’re brave enough. Although it comes with a price of 388 Yuan (PS44) it’s worth it.

  • People’s Park, Shanghai

The urban oasis of People’s Park lies off Nanjing Road and, although it’s a great area to take a break from the hustle and quiet, its real charm lies in the people who visit the park. Spend time with the locals who meet for exercise at dawn or dance routines or stroll towards the Marriage Market, a place where parents with pride meet to promote their children to find the perfect partner for their lives.

  • Disneyland Shanghai

The only location to take in the Disney magical moments on the mainland of China, Disneyland is certainly worth a stop. The park has its own subway station that is easily accessible from the city center. It has the typical Disney favorite attractions (such as Toy Story Land and Tomorrowland) as well as Chinese new twists (the Gardens of Imagination is designed as a garden Disney park that features Chinese zodiac art). It’s smaller than parks in the rest of Disney parks and can be accessed within a single day, so put on your ears to the mouse and revel pleasure in the wonder.

  • West Nanjing Rd

There’s no way to visit Shanghai is incomplete without a trip for a visit Nanjing Road, the ultimate shopping road, split into Nanjing Road East and Nanjing Road West. There’s a wide array of retail stores, so browse at high-end Gucci or Tiffany or fill your cart on top of Forever 21 and Sephora.

  • Shanghai Museum

In the middle of People’s Square, you’ll find the Shanghai Museum, an unmissable opportunity to soak up some Chinese culture and discover the past of Chinese art including ceramics, sculptures, ceramics, and more. The museum is located in the Ming as well as the Qing dynasties. With objects dating back to around more than 800 years old, this museum provides an in-depth look into the city as well as China itself.

  • Jing’an Temple

On the West Nanjing road, the Jing’an temple is an ancient structure that stands out in the background of eateries and shops, and many stop to admire the glittering golden roof rising over the pedestrians and traffic. It was built in 247 AD The temple has three main halls. The largest is one hall called the Mahavira Hall hosting the spectacular Jade Buddha.

  • Maglev Museum

Make your way to the airport with style by opting out of the subway and taking Shanghai’s lightning-fast Maglev instead. It connects Pudong International Airport and Shanghai’s central area in just eight minutes. At its maximum speed, the train could achieve speeds of 43 kilometers per hour (267 miles per hour). If you have some time to spare, make your time visiting the Maglev Museum to learn all about the story of this amazing achievement that is Chinese engineering.


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