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What is Procedure to Import Offline Folder Files into PST File Manually?

Converting Outlook OST to PST is best done by hand or with specific tools. Any of these ways can be used to import offline folder files into PST. In Microsoft Outlook’s offline mode (Cached Exchange), an OST file is produce to hold all of the Exchange mailbox data. The user’s offline updates synchronize with the server mailbox when the Exchange connection is re-establish. Because the OST file is on the user’s PC, it is unaffect by Exchange Server crashes and disasters, Exchange mailbox deletions, and so on. OST files can used by end-users and Exchange administrators to recover mailbox data.

In this case, Converting and Importing OST to PST is Beneficial:

  1. A few Exchange mailboxes are deleted from the server.
  2. I’d like to save a few Exchange mailboxes somewhere else.
  3. Users want to recreate or regenerate their Exchange OST files, but the OST files include unsave email data.
  4. Users are desperate to recover their emails after EDB data were corrupt, the server crash, and so on.

Method 1: Import Offline Folder Files into PST using Trusted Third-Party Software.

If the Exchange Server is offline or Outlook is not responding, Imperial Converter for OST to PST is a decent option. The professional and simple technique of recovering soft-delete files is to convert corrupt or broken Exchange, IMAP, Hotmail, and Outlook OST files into PST files.

This OST to PST recovery program can also convert single or multiple OST files into a variety of other formats in addition to Outlook PST (including MSG, EML, HTML, and RTF). For converting OST files to PST files, it’s a simple-to-use tool with a plethora of advance capabilities.

Online OST Converter Tool or Services – We strongly encourage you not to utilize any online OST file conversion services. The outcome will be that confidential and important email data will compromise, regardless of whether you or the service provider have signed a non-disclosure agreement.

These online OST converters are untrustworthy since there is no guarantee that data will not distribute and sold. These organizations advertise per email box conversion services and per GB OST online conversion services. These are the major disadvantages of using an online OST file conversion service to convert OST to PST.

  • These internet services are insecure, and OST data can lost or corrupt forever.
  • Data security will jeopardize.
  • Without your permission, your email data can share and sold to third parties.
  • Extremely expensive prices with little assurance of genuine.
  • The user’s end program is time-consuming and not at all independent.

Following a Few Simple Steps using this Software,

you may export emails, contacts, calendar events, tasks, and attachments from an OST file to an Outlook PST file.

  • Firstly, to get started, launch the OST Exporter PST Tool and click “Add File.”
  • After uploading an OST file, select the output format – Outlook PST file from the Menu – Saving Option.
  • Navigate to the chosen spot on your computer to save the generate file. The act of removing anything from the system is known as export.
  • OST file Convert and Import OST to PST at the same time, with a progress indicator.

Method 2: Saving OST Emails to PST is Archiving.

If you use Outlook’s Auto Archive feature, you can store the contents of the OST file in a separate PST file. You may keep your mailbox to a sensible size by using this method. If the size of your inbox grows and there are numerous older emails that you no longer require, it’s simple to archive them.

  • Simply follow these simple instructions to enable Outlook’s automatic archiving.
  • To examine Outlook’s options, open it, choose File, then Options.
  • In Advanced, look at the Auto Archive Settings option.
  • Choose how many days you want auto-archiving to run for. You can also select the archived file’s location as well as the archiving options before clicking OK.
  • In accordance with your archiving settings, your archived OST file mailbox items will save to the PST file.

OST Fixer and Converter Tool is a Program that Experts Recommend.

The Best application to Convert OST to PST, a professional solution that can free convert 25 items from each OST folder to PST, is offer by a well-known and dependable firm. You don’t need an Exchange profile or a server connection to convert OST files to PST with a free OST to PST Converter program.


In conclusion, as demonstrat in the blog’s explanations, the Import/Export function in Outlook, as well as employing an OST fixer and changer application, may all utilize to swiftly and easily convert OST files to PST files. This conversion can help even if the site goes down or becomes inaccessible and the OST files need to download.

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